Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards (UFARS)

Welcome to our specialized support services, designed specifically for school districts. Our Regular Service includes unlimited telephone and email support, Fiscal Year-End sessions, UFARS code review, tailored training, revenue projections, and privileged access to our Annual Spring Conference. This package keeps your financial operations on track and your team well-informed.

For districts requiring deeper support, our Extended Service offers monthly bank reconciliation, extra staff training days, and emergency personnel backup – ensuring smooth financial operations, even during unexpected circumstances. By partnering with us, you get the expertise needed to simplify school finance and focus on your core mission: education excellence.


Introducing our dedicated HR and Payroll services, crafted specifically for school districts. With our Regular Service, you get unlimited telephone and email support, Fiscal Year-End and Calendar Year-End sessions, periodic reporting bulletins, and customized training as needed. We also offer essential training for new staff in Business Management, UFARS, and Payroll, facilitating smooth transition into their roles. Enjoy exclusive access to our Annual Spring Conference at a “member rate” and secured spreadsheets and templates to streamline your HR and Payroll tasks.

For districts seeking more in-depth support, our Extended Service offers additional staff training days and an emergency personnel backup. This ensures your HR and Payroll operations stay robust and seamless, even during unforeseen circumstances. Let us handle the complexity of HR and Payroll management, empowering you to concentrate on providing top-tier education.

Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS)

We’re delighted to present our dedicated MARSS services, designed with the unique needs of school districts in mind. With our Regular Service, you receive unlimited telephone and email support, compilation of district-wide data from building level files, editing of this data, and error corrections for the data file. We provide a comprehensive review of MARSS data to pinpoint commonly miscoded items and facilitate accurate submission of MARSS data to the MDE. Benefit from our annual MARSS 101 workshop, an End-of-Year session, and additional training sessions as needed. We’re also equipped to provide ad-hoc reporting as needed to keep you updated with critical information.

For those seeking more personalized attention, our Extended Service includes individualized training and on-site staff training at your district, aiding in prompt and effective problem resolutions. By utilizing our MARSS service, you can focus more on quality education delivery while we handle the complexities of MARSS data management.